Connection to Self and Source comes from and through the heart.  It brings relaxation, knowing, power and unconditional love.

Without connection, we become anxious, depressed and suicidal.  We may become isolated in our physical bodies, believing we are all alone, no one understands us, we have to do and be everything for ourselves.  Judgement rears its ugly head – judgement of ourselves.  We are our own worst critics.  Please do not believe every thought that comes into your head.  No one knows exactly where thoughts come from but questioning each thought is very important to your mental health.  Reject any you do not believe.  They will change over time. Like attracts like and the more positive you are able to be about yourself, the more positive your thoughts will be.  Remember to speak to yourself as if you are your dearest friend.

When we work on connecting, we gain perspective and trust in ourselves and life.  We are more willing to see ourselves more clearly and to ask for help when needed as we know we are worthy of that help.  Life begins to flow more freely, bringing us all we need to survive and thrive.

When asked to point to our self, everyone points to the centre of their chest – the heart chakra.  Intuitively, we know our heart is the physical seat/gateway to our true Self.

Spend time everyday with your heart – sit quietly in nature, meditate, stare at a candle flame.  Listen to your heart (your true Self) and then take action if needed – go for the walk, eat that food, ring that person, ask for help.  Create a morning ritual where you spend time with your thoughts with no judgement.  Listen, as a good friend.  Sometimes that is all it takes.

You are worth it – take the steps every day to connect with your Self and your Source to live a happy, joyous life.

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