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Wondering what I do and how I can help you?

I am a kinesiology practitioner and crystal therapist who works with the energies of the whole Being to bring about profound change.  Using crystals, sound, essences, oils and other healing items, I help you to release any blockages you have within your energy system.  I also call upon the Angels for their help in the healing. (for more information on the energetic structure of the Being please go to the page… )


I am a pure perfect and open channel for negative energy to be released.  This means that any blockages the client is willing to let go of moves through me, leaving them feeling clearer and lighter.  Many tell me that they feel so relaxed that they feel ‘boneless’. (see testimonials page)


If you would like to experience a session for yourself or gift one to another, please ring/sms me on 0409 614 929.  I work evenings and weekends. This means that you go home and relax which allows the new energies to settle in before you venture into the daily stresses of life. My fee is $80 an hour and the session may last up to an hour and a half.

I look forward to meeting and working with you soon.



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